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Ghazal dairy is one of the oldest dairy products brand in Lebanon. Founded in 1963 in Beirut, it has been providing since a natural and authentic variety of traditional milk products, such as natural yogurt, the Lebanese traditional Labneh, the high-quality Halloum as well as the white cheese that are known to be the specialty in our region.

In order to meet the high demand for these products worldwide, a new factory in Germany has recently been established to serve consumers in the European market. This factory produces the type of milk products just like it is produced in Lebanon and includes a fully automated processing plant and wide distribution system, supported by a long and fruitful experience of over 50 years marked by wisdom and by the ambition to grow and constantly provide the market with the same quality fresh products since 1963.


To create delicious and healthy products, enabling our consumers to enjoy a good and healthy lifestyle 


To provide consumers  with a range of nutritious,healthy and delicious product